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The Bright Idea Difference

What makes the best egress window kit?

Reduced Install Time

By following Bright Idea process, installation can be completed in less than one day. Traditional egress window installation involves more excavation, more backfill and more compaction over multiple days.

Minimal Foundation Impact

Patented ExoFrame design requires less concrete cutting because 3 sides of an existing buck can be left intact. Wood frame solutions require removal of up to 30% more concrete from the foundation.

Superior Structural Integrity

A 4x4 steel ExoFrame supports 3000 lb. load at the center point & 6000 lbs. of overall load. Traditional wood frame solutions do not rival the superior load bearing qualities of ExoFrame.

Better Security

Our windows feature impact-resistant glass with multiple locking points. Other solutions vary based upon quality of window.

Less Excavation Effort

Dig (and compact) 30-50% less dirt for well excavation, and easily fasten the well to foundation with the only design to feature interior flanges. Conventional exterior flange requires digging more dirt around well, poses greater settling risk to foundation, and involves unpleasant effort of hanging upside down to attach well to foundation.

Premium Window & Hardware

High quality European-style tilt & turn window with adjustable German hardware which can be fitted to shorter household members. With others, you get what you pay for.

More Light

The ExoFrame provides up to 30% more glass area relative to foundation cut. Traditional solutions offer less glass relative to foundation cut because of wood framing.

Integrated Solution

We provide everything you need in one complete easy-to-install kit. Competitor kits involve trips to hardware store to collect materials.

Superior Environmental Seal

Our patented no-mess butyl gasket process eliminates sealing issues from traditional methods and requires minimal use of caulk. Caulk exposed to elements will inevitably fail, no single caulk works best for all surfaces because they have different expansion, contraction and adhesive characteristics.

Less Maintenance

The ExoFrame requires no maintenance and is termite-proof. Regular maintenance required to seal & preserve typical wood-frame solutions from elements.


Our solution works with most foundation types. Traditional kits must be adapted to different types of foundation.

Industry Leading Warranty

Our ExoFrame has a lifetime warranty, window wells come with a 30-year warranty, and windows and well covers have a 10-year warranty. Competitor product warranties are typically limited to 1 year. Read the fine print to protect your investment.

Helpful Support

Send us your photos and your questions, we are happy to hold your hand & advise you through the entire DIY process. With others you are on your own. We offer the only window kit from designed and manufactured by an egress window installer.

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