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Interior Trim Kit for Bright Idea Egress Window Kit

Bright Idea designed a stylish interior trim kit to simplify installation and provide the best possible interior finish available for framing basement escape windows. Our meso-frame trim kit slides into our steel ExoFrame™ from the interior with a tight tolerance.

The trim kit sleeve is precision milled from medium-density fibreboard (MDF). Ships flat, assembly required. Fasteners are not included, holes are not predrilled.

IMPORTANT: Our interior trim kit is designed to be cut to match the depth of your foundation wall. Every foundation is a different thickness. You might need to trim the depth of the trim kit with a saw to best match the depth of your foundation.

Once the Bright Idea Egress Window Kit is installed, all you need to do is insert the trim kit sleeve, drill holes for fasteners, attach it with fasteners of your choosing, prime and paint. The trim box should be completely primed front and back before installation.

In some instances, because the trim kit rests upon the tail of the ExoFrame, using our trim box may eliminate the need for framing repair.

Designed to match the Bright Idea Egress Window Kit, not sold separately.

Trim kits for our 48x48 window kits are unavailable.