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How to Assemble and Install Your Bright Idea Egress Interior Trim Kit

After installing your egress window kit, the Bright Idea Egress interior trim kit is the perfect finish to complete your basement escape window installation.

If you are looking for other installation instructions, please click here for more egress window installation resources.

Our interior trim kit ships flat and assembly is required. 

Items required:

  • wood glue
  • circular saw
  • nail gun (you may alternately use finish nails or screws)
  • drill with small diameter bit to drill pilot holes if nail gun is not available


what’s included in the Bright Idea Egress interior trim kit for escape windows
Lay pieces of the trim kit out, so you can get the feel for how it goes together. Be sure the "picture frame" is laying with the recess up. You will see that the two shorter pieces go in the upper and lower position and the longer pieces go in the left and right position. The recesses in the shorter pieces align with the ends of the longer pieces.
gluing Bright Idea Egress interior trim kit

Apply wood glue to the recesses of the shorter pieces and carefully align them with the longer pieces. Nail or screw into place.

aligning egress window trim kit jamb edges

If you do not have a finish nail gun, you will need to drill pilot holes and fasten with finish nails or small diameter screws.

nailing Bright Idea Egress window interior trim kit

You can now nail or screw the picture frame into the box.

assembled interior trim kit for Bright Idea Egress windows

Flip it over and your assembled trim kit should look like this.


    1. Measure each side of the return of the interior foundation wall and mark the corresponding corners of the trim box. 
    2. Using a circular saw, ideally a track saw, carefully trim the jamb to fit the reveal. 
    3. Fasten the trim box in a suitable fashion.
    4. We recommend finishing the trim with stain, or primer and paint. The trim box should be completely primed front and back before installation