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Rave Reviews from Our Customers

I installed my first window In October 2017. It went so well that when I needed a second window in April of 2020 I didn’t think twice. I knew I wanted another Bright Idea Egress window kit.
— Jim G.

The install went fantastic! Bright Ideas recommended a concrete cutter to cut the hole and he did a great job. Other than that I did everything myself and it was fantastically easy. In fact I couldn’t have asked for it to go any easier.
— Zachariah T.

I love this system; it's my favorite thing to install. I don't think installing an egress window could get any easier. I also love working with your team. Lisa is always so helpful every time I call.
— Eustolio M.

The inspector was so impressed with the window he asked where I got it. My friend and I installed it in one day, not including digging the hole. The steel frame made the purchase really attractive. I also really love the tilt and turn window, especially because I am turning it into a kids bedroom and the window is easy and safe for them to operate.
— Andrew F.
egress window well with steel grate
The price was good, but the fact it could be installed in one day sealed the deal.
— Dennis C.

I found Bright Idea Egress on Google. I have a concrete block foundation and I felt more secure that their kit came with a metal frame, and that everything came together. Also their customer service was so helpful. I sent my measurements as they suggested and Lisa ended up changing the window size I had ordered to the correct size. I was so thankful for her help! I’ve referred the Bright Idea egress window to several people. The only thing I wish I had done differently was gone ahead and paid for the interior trim kit.
— Michelle B.

ExoFrame Egress Window kit is really spectacular. As a builder with more than 43 years experience, I more than recommend it. It's the best I've seen. It's perfect and is the system we will buy for all our future egress window projects.
— Ray H.

Our experience with Bright Idea Egress was great. Pickup of the egress window kit went really smoothly and they were really accommodating when we realized we had to change sizes. And most importantly our customers are very happy.
— Cassandra T.

The Bright Idea Egress window kit made the install breezy. As far as DIY projects go this on was pretty easy. I hired someone to do the concrete cutting so that helped. Great design that makes a lot of sense from an engineering standpoint.
— Robert H.

That frame in the kit made the install a piece of cake. I wanted to increase the value of the house. By turning the basement into living space, the value of that room went from $20 sq ft to $100 sq ft. I only spent $3k and my house went up in value $10k. It was a no brainer to do that as a DIY project.
— Dan L.

I’m really hard to please, and I’m very pleased with the window. These windows are not advertised as "cheap" or "affordable." They are advertised as the best! These windows are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They are energy efficient. They are solid. They feel great to open and close. Highly recommended!
— Daniel P.